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Who is the Cast Iron Guy
This is a site about cast iron cooking.
More than that, it’s some words about adventure, food, science, heat, iron, and the joy that comes from a seasoned pan.
A few years ago I took up an interest in quality cookware, the kind of kitchen tools that last a lifetime and improve with age.
I built myself a collection of cast iron pans, skillets, dutch ovens, and other eclectic pieces.
I learned the ins-and-outs of seasoning, cleaning and care of cast iron in a casual effort to build a legacy for my family in something that wasn’t disposable, plastic, or as-seen-on-TV.
This website started as a bit of gag.
Someone suggested on a summer camping trip: “You should write a blog!”
Cast Iron Guy
Over those years, becoming the dude who shows up with his cast iron to family dinners to prep something special or out camping to binge on campfire gourmet, I’ve earned a reputation: I’ve become “the cast iron guy”.
As a caveat, I'm neither a professional cook or cast iron expert: I'm a hobbyist learning through trying, doing, reading, writing, and watching.
If what I write is useful, cool.
If it's not, then the internet is a big place and I hope you find what you're looking for.
A creative Outlet
But being the kind of guy who doesn’t mind a weird sort of challenge, needed a new creative outlet, and actually really does feel quite passionate about the possible culinary, health and environmental advantages of a well-loved pan, a website full of recipes, stories, reviews, tips, tricks, and whatever else gets my grill hot, that didn’t sound like a terrible idea.
I run this site on a home-brew CMS system that I originally built for a different purpose, but which I'm hoping will give this site a unique feel and functionality from other websites you might visit.
Stay turned.
I just got rolling in mid-2019 and I've got lots of ideas, lots of photos, a few hundred pounds of cast iron cookware to write about but only a few hours per week to grill up some new words for you.
This Site
It's also worth note that this website runs on a bespoke CMS, so it might behave a little different from other websites.
Click around.
Try stuff.
And please keep in mind that I'm not only running a blog, I'm developing a piece of software behind the scenes.
Communicate with me about the site or software on Twitter @8r4d.
And stay tuned for new features.
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The Cast Iron Guy
A well-seasoned site about adventure, food, science, heat, iron, and the joy that comes from a hot iron pan.
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