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Sourdough Grilled Double Cheese Sandwich
Grilled cheese may be a simple sandwich, but I occasionally find that even simplicity can become delicious complexity with just a few simple additions.
Cheese, bread, butter: what could be simpler? But better tools and better ingredients can lead to better results.
Readers of this site will already realize that any cast iron obsession will quickly lead to a secondary fascination: sourdough bread.
Sourdough, a day or two after baking, when it's just on the edge of stale is great (as it turns out) for elevated grilled sandwiches.
I've been working towards the lofty goal of gratuitously elevating many sandwiches, sometimes with mixed results, but the sourdough grilled double cheese is definitely a winner.
My flat pan -- skillet -- Lodge calls it a griddle, but it does not have the
Raised lines on the cooking surface of a pan that elevate the food from cooking directly on a flat surface. They also make pretty stripes on your meal.
I'd normally associate with a griddle -- is a perfect, multipurpose pan.
It joined my collection as a
Thin, flat French-style pancakes, usually more egg than flour, and served with sauce or whipped creams.
maker -- a long post-worthy story that links back to me volunteering with a
local food festival
local food festival
Research the Edmonton Heritage Festival, a three day food extravaganza with hundreds of thousands of people enjoying foods cooked by about a hundred local cultural groups.
-- but has seen much more action than french pancakes since then.
In fact and for a while this simple, round, shallow skillet lived almost permanently on our stove-top.
The ten-and-a-half is my go to for
grilled cheese
grilled cheese
A simple sandwich usually consisting of pan toasting two pieces of bread and some cheese... any cheese.
: it heats up quick and even, is simple to wipe down after, and lets me dive in with a spatula for easy, precise sandwich flips.
The Pieces
Two Slices of SOURDOUGH bread.
A handful of grated CHEDDAR.
Half a handful of grated PARMESAN.
The Heat
Butter one side of the sourdough and slap it butter-side down onto a hot cast iron pan or skillet.
Toss the grated cheese into an even mix, and then place on the unbuttered side of the bread already on the skillet.
Add the second piece of buttered sourdough (butter side out) to complete the stack.
Cook until bread is toasted golden and the cheese has started to melt.
Flip and repeat: and enjoy.
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