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Communal Campfire Nachos
Gathered around a pile of smouldering logs is one of those human experience activities that transcends rational explanation and instead digs deep down into the bedrock of our very genetics.
Campfires are the primeval television set, a flickering light from which comfort and stories and companionship swirl outwards and make us feel part of a group.
I had noticed that along with the distribution of beverages, and a few moments reprieve from salty snacks while the kids constructed sickeningly sweet
A popular campfire treat where a sandwich of chocolate, roasted marshmallow and graham cracker are constructed over a fire and consumed in a hot, sticky mess.
, much of the food that came to the fireside, while shared, was individual.
Cookies appearing from tupperware bins.
Campfire pies (perhaps in a future post).
Marshmallows burned to a crisp on steel rods.
We rarely created a group dish -- a dish to share as a platter of communal munchies.
The Share Plate
I recently had the pleasure of spending a guys-night-out with some friends, and one of our regulars brought along a visitor who was in Canada but called Hong Kong home.
Our evening adventure landed us in a small, local bar, the kind that sells draft beer (and only draft beer) and the comfortable selection of crunchy, fried, cheesy foods that go so well with a
Canadian Beer
A popular brand of popular large-batch lager in Canada.
Our new pal had, or so he told us, never tried nachos, but from his Asian-perspective the concept of a plate of food that was shared with the group was a way of eating that was so deeply ingrained in him he thought we were the oddities for ordering individual meals.
It occured to me that the sharing of food, and more so, the sharing of food around the campfire is far from a curiosity: it's an instinct we cannot deny.
That's probably why my communal campfire nachos were such a hit on a recent camping trip.
Simple Ingredients, Epic Results
A BIG CAST IRON skillet (I used my 12 inch).
One bag of plain TORTILLA CHIPS.
One handful of shredded CHEDDAR CHEESE.
A selection of toppings to taste: ONIONS, JALAPENOS, OLIVES.
A selection of dips: SALSA, SOUR CREAM, GUACAMOLE.
The Build
Hot skillet, meet chips.
Chips meet cheese and whatever toppings you choose to add.
Top shelf your skillet over the campfire in the dying light of a warm summer evening while friends and family are gathered around.
As the cheese starts to melt, invite all to tuck in and enjoy.
Repeat until everyone is full and content.
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